2016 - September

September 16, 2016


Kim Yeung

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Haden Hill Swimming Club



Lead Teacher

The club has appointed Kimberley as the new Lead Teacher for the Learn to Swim Programme. She has been a part of our club for 12 years as an ex-swimmer and has worked her way up as a helper in the pool to a teacher. Kimberley has had previous teaching experience in Hong Kong and Plymouth whilst she was at university. If you have any queries about the session, do not hesitate to ask her.



Unfortunately, we will have to say goodbye to a few of our teachers. Joe will be leaving us at the end of September to pursue his career in the RAF. Adam has been helping us over the summer period, he will be heading back to Loughborough at the end of the month for university.  We wish them both the best of luck and thank you for everything you guys have done!


Badge records and assessments

We are currently in the midst of updating the badge records for each swimmer. If you have received a distance badge, but have not collected the certificate, please see Jo or Kimberley on poolside.

If you have any queries about your child’s achievements or their progress in the pool, please see your child’s teacher or Kimberley. They will answer any questions you may have.



During re-enrolment, Jo will have a box for anonymous feedback about our Learn to Swim Programme. The Club wants to strive to keep our standards high and provide you with the best service as we can.  We will take all positive or negative feedback into consideration for future cycles.





Well done to these swimmers who have achieved their stage badges and moved up during this current cycle!




Duckings 1

Robbie Sheen

Toby Wilkes


Duckings 2

Luca Williams

David Tereblecea

Mia Hall

Amelie Stephens

Mason Babbington

Maddison Rubery


Duckings 3

Iba Abass

Callum Stokes

Evelyn Jackson


Ducklings 4

Ruby Baggott

Lacie-Mae Billingham

Callum Stokes

Ella-Mai Davies

Evelyn Jackson


Stage 1

Emily Grundy

Holly Badger

Layla Postings

Levi Hamilton

Jesse Hewett


Stage 2

Holly Badger

Oliver Griffiths


Stage 3

Daisy Parish

Benny Wood

Scott Moore

William Henshaw

Jack Boots


Stage 4

Lucy Byrne


Stage 5

Elysia Stephens


Stage 6 & 7

Jacob Fellows

Jason Lee

Elysia Stephens

Evan Joszt

Lewis Grundy

Annabelle Harper


Stage 8

Katie Little





5m Distance

Emily Grundy

Harry Oxford

Layla Postings

Shay Henderson

Stanley Moore

Owen Muldoon

Holly Badger

Levi Hamilton

Jesse Hewett

Lilly Somerville

Callum Roberts


10m Distance

Holly Badger

Oliver Griffiths

Joseph Oliver

Cassie Mills

Amelie Evans Morris

Jaiden Babbington

Charlie Scrivens

Sophie Deakin

Ethan Touw


20m Distance

Jack Boots

Holly Badger






Happy Swimming!

Haden Hill Learn to Swim Team

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