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February 13, 2018


Kim Yung

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Haden Hill Swimming Club

Learn to Swim Programme: Newsletter


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Haden Hill Swimming Club Learn to Swim Programme

Delivering the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme





Please look at the calendars to when you should be re-enrolling. We have now separated the Sunday and Monday calendars. So, if we are closed on a Sunday, this does not necessarily mean we will be closed on a Monday and visa versa.





Can you ensure your child turns up 5 minutes before the lesson, as it can enable us to prepare by getting adequate equipment and allocating helpers to the groups. We understand it may not always be possible, but please be aware of the time of the lesson.



Railings on poolside


All swimmers must go through the changing rooms and not over the railings. This is for the safety of the swimmers and parents.



Hair tied up


Can every child with long hair please have it tied up, as it is dangerous for the child in the pool. It can distract them whilst swimming, as it will cover their face and their swimmers may tangle their hands in their hair.


Reception area


Please do not allow your child to go through the reception area wet and in their swimming costumes. This is a safeguarding and health and safety issue. We want to ensure the safety of the public and especially the swimmers, as we do not know who is in the reception area. At the end of the lesson, please meet your child by the changing rooms to prevent anyone wandering around in the reception.





If you haven’t already, please like our Facebook page as it will have the most current information about the lessons. Kimberley (Lead Teacher) will post updates about the lessons, re-enrolment and cancellations when it is needed.



Swim England – Stage Outcomes


The outcomes that your child will have to pass each stage have slightly changed due to an update to the Learn to Swim Programme by Swim England. This may mean your child may have a few extra outcomes to complete before passing onto the next stage. If you have any questions, please speak to Kimberley or Jo on poolside during the lesson.




Happy Swimming!


Haden Hill Swimming Club – Learn to Swim team

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