The Club Captain:


  • Should at all times should lead the club by good example.  Especially during competitions & training sessions


  • Should be inspiring to all swimmers, where necessary give advice and guidance when needed, especially to the younger.


  • Should support and encourage all team members at competitions, whilst also encouraging all members to work together and support each other.  They should encourage cheering the team on in all events.


  • Should support and help promote the Club at all times.


  • Support Club functions and also encourage others to get involved.


  • Should act as liaison between swimmers and the designated committee member by bringing ideas and concerns from swimmers to the meetings. 

Club Captains

Senior Club Captains


Captian: Euan Coxon

Captain: Ruth Harrison

Deputy: Anthony Yeung

Deputy: Sophie Lloyd-Smith


Junior Club Captains


Captain: Regan Whitehouse

Captain: Maddison Bennett

Deputy: Jake Harper

Deputy: TBC