Haden Hill for many years has been run by volunteers who form the overall governing body for the club. The club has a minimum of four officers and a maximum of 8 elected members as stated in the Haden Hill constitution with an additonal 3 co-opted members.  The committee members have always provided direction and support for its staff and members. 




If you have any issues or need to raise a concern then please email: complaints@hadenhillswimmingclub.co.uk


Meet The Team!

Committee Officers


Rob Bowden - Chairman

Role: Chairman

Qualifications:  Level 1 Coach

Addtional Roles:  Worcester County Swimming Association Board of Members


Nick Bates-Mudie - Vice Chair

Role: Vice Chair

Additional Role: Maters swimmer, Swimmer liaison, County Rep, Event Organiser, Website Admin, Marketing

Email: info@hadenhillswimmingclub.co.uk


Amanda Taylor-Seal - Treasurer

Role: Treasurer

Qualifications: Level 1 Teacher


Rachael Crofts - Secretary

Role: Secretary

Email: secretary@hadenhillswimmingclub.co.uk 



Welfare Officer


Louise Little and assisted by Carlito Brown

Role: Welfare Officer


Time/PB Keeper


Alan Yeung

Role: Times keeper

Email: times@hadenhillswimmingclub.co.uk

Alan keeps all competitive swimmers up to date with the ASA GB Rankings database.  For any times please email Alan with your requests.

Committee Members


Jo Parsons

Role: Member, Learn to Swim Team Administrator, Club Kit

Email: learntoswim@hadenhillswimmingclub.co.uk


Spencer Coxon

Role: Member


Julie Williams

Role:  Member, Social Chair


Julie Markall

Role:  Member


Kimberley Yeung

Role: Member, Lead Teacher


Dulcie Simmonds

Role: Member


Louise Stephens

Role: Member


Sarah Wootton

Role:  Member, Competition Secretary


Co-opted Members


Member #1 - Sharon Adlam

Role: Co-opted member


Member #2 - Available

Member #1 - Available


Member #3 - Available

Role: Co-opted member

Social Committee


Julie Williams  - Chair 




Julie Williams, Louise Stephens, Louise Little, Sarah Wootton, Julie Markall, Ann-Marie Gillroy, Katie Russell, Sharon Adlam, Joanne Moore


Coaching Team & Learn to Swim Teachers

Coaching Team


Neil Prophet - Head Coach (Level 3 Coach)

Ashley Markall (Level 1 Coach)



Teaching Team


Lead Teacher: Kimberley Yeung (Level 2 Teacher)


Jennifer Knowles (Level 2 Teacher)

Neil Prophet  (Level 2 Teacher/ Level 3 Coach)

Paula Overfield (Level 2 Teacher)

Riannon Parsons (Level 2 Teacher)

Toni-Louise Fellows (L1 Teacher)

Louise Little (L1 Teacher)

Alex Cooper (L1 Teacher)


Helpers: Euan Coxon, Isobel Cooper, Grace Hewett, Keira Fellows

Club Captains

Senior Club Captains


Kizzie-May Adlam

Regan Whitehouse


Vice Club Captains: Niamh Coxon


Junior Club Captains




Vice Club Captains: 


Haden Hill Social Committee is run by volunteers of the club.  Many members are parents looking to promote extracurricular activities for our young swimmers and also provide assistance where the club needs them most.  HH Social members can be seen helping out at most events.  Where ever there is a raffle, you know our members are nearby